Springtime With Roo: Review by William Mortensen Vaughan
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Title:  " Winnie the Pooh:  Springtime With Roo
featuring the voice of Ken Sansom as Rabbit ("the Scrooge"), Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh, and Jimmy Bennett as Roo
My Rating:   *****

Adaptation: Winnie the Pooh

Date Released: Monday, March 8, 2004

Format Reviewed: animated film, on DVD

Is this adaptation reverent?: No, this adaptation is particularly reverent, in a humorous way, although it stresses the importance of friendship, and selflessness.

Does it include the phrase, "God bless us..."? No.

What does my wife think of it? She noticed before I did, that it was an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. She thinks these two-dimensional cartoons are kind of cute and funny - not as creepy as the 3D animations.

How closely does this adaptation follow the original novel, by Charles Dickens? This adaptation is an Easter-oriented adaptation of the novel, in The Hundred Acre Wood, a fantastic, imaginary world, created by A.A. Milne and Disney, and inhabited by talking animals; some are plush toys (Pooh, amd Eeyore, for example); others seem more "real."

Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, and Tigger gather at Rabbit's house to celebrate Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt, and a party. Unfortunately, Rabbit has decided to celebrate Spring Cleaning Day instead, by having them clean his house while he works in his garden.

The Narrator (voice only, of David Ogden Stiers) serves as all of the ghosts, showing Rabbit his past, present, and future, by turning the pages of a magical, animated book, until Rabbit decides to help his friends celebrate Easter instead of micro-managing them and ruining all the fun they want to have on Easter.

What dialect is used? Plain English.

When and where does this adaptation take place? In The Hundred Acre Wood...

Is this adaptation a prequel or a sequel? No.

Is this adaptation supernatural? Yes, this adaptation is supernatural; it features a Narrator who talks, unseen, to the characters, as if he were God, and turns the pages to the page he wants them to be on. The characters are all animals who speak English, live in houses, set tables, decorate eggs, and celebrate Easter as if they were human.

Is this adaptation "framed"? Yes, the Narrator shows viewers Christopher Robin's bedroom, and chats with Roo, introducing the story before the book opens and the story begins. Christopher Robin is a human boy who plays with the animals in his room and The Hundred Acre Wood. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear in this episode, although he does in others.

What original musical numbers and/or dance routines are included? Original musical numbers include:

"We're Hunting Easter Eggs!" (by Tigger and Roo)

"Cleaning Up the Cobwebs" (by Tigger)

"A Great, Big Sneeze!" (by Winnie the Pooh)

"Easter Day With You" (by Roo)

"Onomatopoeia!" (by Tigger)

"That's the Way (It Must Be Done)" (by Rabbit)

How attractive is the visual art? The two-dimensional, animated art is excellent, and creates a fun, comforting, imaginary environment.

How creative and instense are the transitions, especially when "the Scrooge" is taken from one time and/or place to another? The transitions are excellent, as the Narrator's unseen hands turn the gigantic pages of a magical book, and the pictures and printed characters are animated.

What is the most remarkable thing about this adaptation? The most remarkable thing about this adaptation is that the main characters are talking animals. It's also unusual for adaptations of A Christmas Carol to be about Easter, instead of Christmas. The only two I know of are this one, and the Veggie Tales adaptation, An Easter Carol, both of which were released in 2004. What an odd coincidence!

What extras are included on the DVD?


Sounds of Spring (identify the sounds of spring) Decorate Rabbit's House

Optional subtitles and audio tracks are available in English, French, and Spanish.

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