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Title:  A Christmas Carol (2018)

My Rating:  *

Dove Foundation Rating:  [NOT RATED]

M.P.A.A. Rating:  [NOT RATED]

Adaptation:  starring Stuart Brennan as Ebenezer Scrooge

Date Released:  Sunday, December 16, 2018

Format Reviewed:  video adaptation streamed online

Is this adaptation reverent?:  Not particularly.

Does it include the phrase, "God bless us..."?  [T.B.D.]

What does my wife think of it?  She's not interested in this adaptation.

How closely does this adaptation follow the original novel, by Charles Dickens?

This adaptation is a drastically altered and modernized adaptation, filmed in Scotland and Pennsylvania.

Changes in the story line include a female Bob Cratchit (Sarina Taylor) whose husband, Tim (Scott Ironside) is dying of cancer.

Marley (Mark Paul Wake) and Scrooge were in the online whiskey distillery business in the U.S., then moved their headquarters to Scotland, but Marley died in a fire.

In this adaptation, Scrooge's parents both died when he was a child, so his Uncle Fred (Alec Westwood) adopted him.

Instead of Belle, Nell (Bonnie Wright) breaks up with Scrooge; then, instead of getting married and having children, she dies young.

However, Carol (Blanche Anderson), Scrooge's childhood sweetheart, remains available, so, [SPOILER ALERT!] Scrooge starts dating her after his transformation.

What dialect is used?  Scottish English.

When and where does this adaptation take place?  This adaptation takes places in the U.S. and Scotland, circa 2000.

Is this adaptation a prequel or a sequel?  No.

Is this adaptation supernatural?  Yes, this adaptation is supernatural, as is the original.

Is this adaptation "framed"? No.

What original musical numbers and/or dance routines are included?

Roger Taylor wrote the music for this film's soundtrack, including "Christmas in Love."

How attractive is the visual art?

The set and wardrobe for this film are acceptable. Several actors, including Stuart Brennan seem to need a haircut.

How creative and instense are the transitions, especially when "the Scrooge" is taken from one time and/or place to another?

Video effects include Marley materializing from the feet up, as if magically restored from the flames that took his life.

Sometimes the Ghost of Christmas Past and/or Scrooge look like Tinkerbell before they appear in full-sized form. Oddly, the Ghost of Christmas Past doesn't always appear in the scenes of Christmas Past, although her voice is heard off screen. Apparently, she and/or her white cabaret costume weren't available to film all of her scenes.

What is the most remarkable thing about this adaptation?

The most remarkable thing about this adaptation is, perhaps, that, instead of a Ghost of Christmas Present, it has a Goose of Christmas Present who makes homosexual innuendos.

What extras are included on the DVD?  [NOT APPLICABLE]

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