Quiz 7
As of:  11:25 a.m. E.S.T., Saturday, March 2, 2019

1. According to the Six-Shooter, who did Scrooge court?
the prettiest girl who danced in any of his saloons
He two-timed Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley
He two-timed Sacagawea and Pocahontas
a school marm

2. According to the Narrator, where was the Six-Shooter from?

3. According to the Host, how did Jimmy Stewart and his cast and crew know their "unseen audience" appreciated their work on "The Six-Shooter"?
They could see their Nielsen Ratings.
They read their e-mail.
They saw their Likes, Shares, and Comments on Social Media.
They received their letters.

4. During the Intermission, when does the Host say "The Six-Shooter" will air?
on Thursdays, starting December 31st.
on Fridays, starting January 1st
on Saturdays, starting January 2nd
The Host merely reiterates that "The Six-Shooter" airs every Sunday.

5. During the Intermission, how does the Host say the "unseen audience" can find out what time "The Six-Shooter" will air?
by subscribing to the Six-Shooter's e-mail updates
by checking the Six-Shooter's website
by following the Six-Shooter on Social Media
by reading their local newspapers

6. According to the Six-Shooter, how long had Jake been dead when his ghost appeared to Scrooge?
"exactly one year, to the minute"
"three or four years"
"over seven years"
This is a trick question; the Six-Shooter never specifies how long Jake was dead.

7. According to the Six-Shooter, where did Scrooge first see Jake's ghost?
He saw Jake's face inside his lantern.
He saw Jake's face where his doorknocker had been.
He saw Jake's face becoma animated in a portrait of him.
He saw Jake's face behind him, in his reflection in a mirror.

8. According to the Six-Shooter, Jake appeared in light of what color?

9. This episode consists of how many Acts?
This is a trick question; no Acts are mentioned in this episode.

10. According to the Six-Shooter, how did he learn Scrooge's story?
He read it.
He admits that he just made it up.
A school marm read it to his class.
This is a trick question; the Six-Shooter never mentions where he learned Scrooge's story.

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